Benefits of Therapy


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Benefits of Therapy

Life is difficult. It is full of disappointment, loss, hurt, stress, and joy. During the jolts and emotions of everyday life, we develop coping styles. Hopefully, the way that we cope not only helps us, but also helps those around us. We seek comfort from those we love, or exercise to get the endorphins flowing. But sometimes the old tried and true does not leave us feeling like we are moving ahead. We bog down. In those moments, we might consider outside help.

Before you dismiss the idea of therapy, consider this: Scientific research shows that those who engage in therapy experience positive changes in their brain ( We are made to connect with one another. Getting things out in the open, especially with someone who has training, is a good thing for our wellness. How?

Therapy helps a person better define problems. The complexity of life can be overwhelming.  The old adage of “not being able to see the forest for the trees” rings true. When we talk things out with a trained therapist, it helps us to clarify our values, behaviors, and goals. Clarity often brings relief and movement.

Emotions are a strange and normal part of our makeup. Emotions seem to have a life of their own. They come from nowhere and pop-up at the oddest moments. Intense emotions are particularly difficult to deal with. At times the only thing we understand about our emotions is that they are confusing. Talking with a therapist about our emotional journey can place our jumbled emotions into an understandable context.

Lastly, therapy brings a unique perspective. It is not the perspective of someone with whom you have a long history, and therefore has already decided who you are and what you should do. Your therapist is an open book. A person who desires to learn your story without judgment or preconceived notions.

Here at The Refuge Center, our concern is the person. Their values, beliefs, emotions, and struggles. We endeavor to create a safe and secure place so you can discover what it means to be uniquely you, and we are available to anyone who wishes to better understand the journey of life.

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