Announcing New Partnership with HOPE Family Health


The Refuge Center for Counseling is pleased to announce a new formal partnership with HOPE Family Health, a faith-based nonprofit health center located in rural northern Tennessee. They are passionately devoted to extending primary and mental health care to those left out by the traditional health care system. Founded in 2005, their mission is “to improve access to primary health-care in rural Middle Tennessee, with an emphasis on vulnerable populations such as the uninsured, under-insured, poor, homeless, children, migrant workers, and those addicted to substances…”

Hope-Family-Health-Clinic-604x270In the area that HOPE Family is located there are only 3 mental health providers, and if someone is not in the court or hospital system it is hard for them to get any access to mental health care. Because of this the physicians and counselors and HOPE Family work long hours and deal with the most complex and severe of issues. The Executive Director at HOPE Family recognized an acute need for their STAFF (doctors and counselors) to have access to their own mental health care to process their work and explore the needs of their own relationships and family systems. In Macon County, where most of the HOPE Family health staff live, there is only 1 mental health provider for every 22,701 residents.

This year they are starting a program called Nurturing HOPE. It is a multi-dimensional project designed to better support the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of the HOPE Family staff by responding to specific feedback regarding their vulnerabilities, challenges, and needs. The Baptist Healing Trust provided funds for them to contract with an organization who would provide a therapist on-site at their agency 1 day per week to provide counseling services to their staff. They chose The Refuge Center to partner with and we have selected Stephen Jackson to serve in this capacity!

Starting in late October, Stephen began representing Refuge at HOPE Family and providing approximately 6 weekly counseling appointments to their staff. Truly a “caring for the caregivers” opportunity.

Praise God for the continued ways that He provides and His visions for how Refuge will be used in this community and beyond.

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