Executive Director, Amy Alexander, Returns From 10-Week Sabbatical


The Refuge Center for Counseling’s co-founder and executive director, Amy Alexander, L.M.F.T., was the recipient of the first ever Sabbatical Grant of $23,874 from The Healing Trust in Fall 2016.

The Sabbatical Grants program was created by The Healing Trust, a private grant making foundation, to support CEOs/Executive Directors of nonprofits who need to take some time for renewal in order to continue to effectively serve the nonprofit agencies that they have committed to leading. “Every leader owes themselves and their organizations the gift of sabbatical. That time away gives everyone a chance to test their wings and experience new ways of thinking. For the leader it may become a new discovery that (s)he can unplug completely and the yet the sun will still rise.” said President & CEO Dr. Cathy Self..

“My sabbatical was a time to focus on my family and to develop a new relationship with responsibility. During this sabbatical, I was given a gift for which I will never fully have the words to express my gratitude. My prayer would be that my words would not be necessary but that my ability to more fully love myself and walk in freedom with my relationships and commitments would speak for itself. I believe I will move ahead with new rhythm, autonomy and even joy.” said Amy Alexander on her return to The Refuge Center the week of January 9th, 2017.

Welcome back Amy! Thank you to The Healing Trust.

Amy Alexander at the January 10th Refuge Board meeting.

Amy Alexander at the January 10th Refuge Board meeting.

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