Where Couples Get “Stuck” Group

Begins: October 8th (8 weeks)
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Tools to Quit the Toxic Talk

Do you and your partner find yourselves having the same argument over and over? Do you feel stuck in the ways that you communicate ineffectively? This group will help you identify stuck points and learn tools for moving through them for better communication and a healthier relationship.

– This group will help couples in distress learn healthy ways of relating and communicating with each other to rebuild health and trust within the relationship. 

– Escape the cycle of negative interactions between partners of a romantic couple by learning to identify the pattern of triggers, behaviors, feelings, and unmet needs that occur during interactions.   

– Learn to successfully repair ruptures, communicate and maintain healthy boundaries, and grow trust in each partner’s willingness to listen to and meet the needs of the other.  

– Cultivate a secure emotional attachment, which provides a space where partners can be seen, soothed, safe, validated, understood, and supported.  

Learn healthy ways of relating and communicating with each other to rebuild health and trust within the relationship.

  • Dates: October 8th- December 3rd
  • Saturdays 1-2:30pm
  • Cost: $25-$65/session based on income            

Call 615-591-5262 ext. 113 for more information or fill in groups form to sign up.

Fee: $25-$65/session, based on income | Duration: Saturdays, 1-2:30pm | Group Type: Couples Group | Contact