Shame-Resilience Group for Women

Begins: Spring 2017-Start Date TBD
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Connections: A Shame Resilience Group for Women is a NEW group for The Refuge Center for Counseling. Start date is TBD in Spring 2017, but to get on our notification list, please email

Following Brene Brown’s Shame-Resilience Theory, the long-term goal of this group is to help women have healthier and more authentic relationships with themselves and with others.

“Connections” is a group for 18yr+ women who have:

1)     Recognize shame in their lives, and desire to overcome inner and/or external voices of shame

2)     Desire further identity exploration

3)     Want to cultivate/maintain healthy relationships

This group can be helpful for adult women who desire to continue gaining life-skills and therapeutic tools for growth.

Group goals are to help women learn:

1)     That shame is a pervasive and universal experience,

2)     How to identify shame-triggers,

3)     Learn new ways for coping with shame, and

4)     Interrupt the shame-cycles that perpetuate mental health symptoms and co-occurring disorders.

The group will run for 12-weeks in Spring 2017. Participants are required to purchase (or borrow from a library) Brown’s (2007) book, “I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t)”. Participants are required to attend all 12 sessions. This group is limited to 12 members max.

Cost: $300 Total for 12-Weeks*
$30 discount if paid in full upfront.
*Flexible payment plans possible.

Fee: $300 ($30 Discount if paid in full) | Duration: 12 Weeks | Group Type: Women | Contact