Grief Experiential Retreat

Begins: 9/28/19
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Grief is an experience none of us will escape. Perhaps we’ve lost a parent, a child, or dear friend and we struggle with a new reality that’s been thrust upon us – uninvited. Maybe our loss comes in the form of a job, a relationship, an illness, or idea of who we once were. Even those things we’ve ended deliberately, knowingly, can create a loss; the weight of which feels unbearable.  

In our bodies, the response to this heaviness is always the same – to grieve.

Grief asks us to slow down and acknowledge the presence of a meaningful change in our lives. Experiential therapy creates an environment wherein the grieving process can help us grow through our losses. Please join us for an experiential intensive retreat dedicated to the experience of loss and the transformational power of grief.

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Fee: $500 | Duration: One Day Intensive | Group Type: Grief and Loss | Contact