Created for Connection: Christ-Centered Marriage Workshop

Begins: May 5, 2018
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Do you want to feel more accepted by your partner and have less conflict in your relationship? Would you like to feel like your partner is more accessible, responsive, and emotionally engaged with you? Is it time to improve your relationship and learn how to communicate in new ways that promote better understanding, closeness, and connection?

No matter where you are in your marriage, from newlyweds to empty-nesters, marriage can be challenging. This weekend intensive is an opportunity for couples to rediscover their connection with the help of trained therapists.

At our Created for Connection Workshop, you will learn and experience how to:

 Affirm strengths in your relationship
 Address negative interaction patterns
 Understand more clearly each other’s emotions
 Recognize underlying reasons for your conflicts
 Learn how to repair and forgive
 Enhance your emotional and physical closeness
 Improve your communication
 Be more accessible, responsive and emotionally engaged with each other (A.R.E.)

This weekend intensive uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Adapted for Christian couples, this educational experience (grounded in solid EFT principles) can transform how partners understand each other and can develop a stronger, deeper, and more meaningful relationship.

Fee: $275/Couple | Duration: Weekend | Group Type: Couple's Group Counseling | Contact