2017 at The Refuge Center for Counseling Kicks Off With Staffing Changes


Connie Kinder has served as Clinical Director of The Refuge Center with passion and excellence. At the time she accepted, she gave a three year commitment, ending this January. As most are aware, in late 2016 our former Director of Compassionate Care, Linda Bennett, lost her hard fought battle with cancer. We miss her and feel her presence daily. Her position has been open for 8 months and it is time for us to see that program continue with strong leadership, deep empathy, attunement and gentle hands. Connie will be stepping into this role as our new Director of Compassionate Care. Linda would be so proud of this. She is a gardener by nature and will tend to the hearts and relationships here with the same patient and tender approach that she does with nature.

Amy Alexander, our Executive Director, and Connie began praying together about who the next Clinical Director at The Refuge Center would be almost nine months ago. Effective this month, Lynde Ross, will be The Refuge Center for Counseling’s Clinical Director. She previously served as Assistant Clinical Director. Lynde is full of cutting-edge ideas, discernment and compassion. It is Lynde’s desire for all our therapists, interns, and volunteers at The Refuge Center to feel connected and seen.

After much consideration and prayer, we asked Anita Pringle, to join us as our new Assistant Clinical Director. Anita brings a wealth of wisdom to this role. After decades of pastoring and then serving at inpatient facilities while becoming licensed, Anita has many years of servant leadership experience and great clinical insight. She is tender, approachable, reliable and also quite funny! Anita will have a great deal of administrative duty as related to our clinical best practices. She will also be overseeing much of the continuing education programs at The Refuge Center.

Also effective in January 2017, Tina Taylor Goode is our new Director of Intern Programs here at The Refuge Center. We are so grateful to have Tina in this role, as she was an intern at The Refuge Center and knows the program well. She brings a commitment to excellence and a passion for the mission of The Refuge Center to the intern program.

If you have any questions about The Refuge Center, our staff, or our programs, please reach out to us at 615-591-5262 or info@therefugecenter.org.

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