Spending Time

One of the biggest complaints about modern life is that we don’t have enough time. “There are only so many hours in a day!” and “I’ve just been so busy,” are common statements.  Most often when someone speaks of being stressed, they are referring in some measure to time and their lack of it. This is especially true around the holidays.

While it seems to be simply a reality that we don’t have much time, time is so precious. We have been given a limited amount of it. Our days are numbered. We can despair about the inevitable passing of time or we can become deliberate about how we spend it. Take a few moments to evaluate how you spend your time. These questions can get you started:

•    Is your time currently committed to something that your heart is not in? If so, do you have an important reason to be committed (moral, legal, etc.)?
•    Is there anything unessential that is stealing time away from the relationships in your life? From personal time?
•    Are there activities you engage in that are merely habit (watching TV or surfing the internet)? Is there something more enriching that you’d rather be doing?
•    Could disorganization be costing you time? Do you have a single, designated place for your keys, wallet, phone, etc.?
•    Are you trying to be “all things to all people?” If so, have you examined your reasons for trying?

These are just ideas. You know more than anyone if your time is being spent in accordance to your values and the needs of your loved ones. Time is an investment, and with some reflection we can invest it wisely.