A Refuge Client Story: Healing from Abuse


“The Refuge Center was truly the provision to come alongside communicating support, strength and guidance to help us find answers and encouragement amongst the chaos, agony and painful affects of abuse.

Our family privately suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse by the very one who was to guide, love and protect but by comparison led by manipulation, intimidation, fear and control.

I know we are stronger, thriving and survivors of abuse because of the care, concern and compassion afforded to us through the safe haven doors of The Refuge Center.

The Refuge Center counselor’s affirmation and constancy not only returned our self-esteem and confidence but I know saved my life. As one who was abused for years and just wanted the abuse to end the simple words I heard, “it’s going to be okay”, “you are not wrong but wrongly mistreated” and “you never deserved any of this” meant more than they will ever know!!!

My children felt very safe, comfortable and happy when we would go to The Refuge Center.  What a relief it was to be able to have a place of security and comfort when life just seemed so upside down.

My nine year-old said her counselor taught her…

…“it’s okay to stand up against my dad when he did stuff to me he shouldn’t”
…“she helped me to be safe around my dad”
…“she helped me with what was going on in life”
…“she helped me to speak up to my dad when he touches me in way he shouldn’t and that it wasn’t my fault”
…”she helped me understand my feelings”

It is my hope and prayer the counselor’s at The Refuge Center and those who provide financial support realize the impact and light they provide to the brokenhearted.  We arrived at doors of The Refuge Center feeling mistreated, helpless, desperate and alone; and now live with hope, every day learning to be stronger because how we feel, what we think and state does matter.”