How do you care for yourself?

July 11, 2018

This opportunity to write on the topic of self-care comes at an especially overwhelming time in my life. As a therapist, I often ask clients how they will care for themselves between our sessions. This past week, after a taxing therapy session of my own, my counselor asked me the same thing. We brainstormed activities […]

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Maslow: The Original Integrative Health Guru

July 3, 2018

Mental health used to be a concept that was often stigmatized, associated only with mental illness and often not socially permissible to be discussed openly. Mental health was neglected until it was ‘a problem,’ and even then, the problem was handled exclusively by a doctor. Thankfully, much of society has changed greatly in the last […]

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How to Leave an Abusive Relationship: Support and Resources for You or a Loved One in an Abusive Relationship

June 19, 2018

Once in an abusive relationship, it is hard to find a way out. Especially if a healthy relationship was never modeled for you growing up. Leaving an abusive relationship is scary and needs to be treated with care. Join Mariam, Aron and Lindsey, the creators of InRelationship podcast, as they discuss relationships and also tune […]

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4 Ways to Navigate Emotions of Father’s Day

June 14, 2018

For many of us, Father’s Day brings with it many emotions. Perhaps you look forward to the holiday with joy, gratitude, or fond memories. Or it may be that this Sunday feels more complicated to you—a reminder of what you’ve lost, or maybe never had. Whatever your emotional reaction to Father’s Day, let this truth […]

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Answering the Call

June 1, 2018

A few weeks ago was my first “real” session with a client, meaning a real human was in my real office telling me their real story. I only had one session that day, and it was all I needed. Something shifted in me. I carried on with my evening as usual, and the next day […]

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