Shame-Resilience Group Counseling

Begins: 9/27/17
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The Women’s Group for Confidence & Connection is now taking new members, 18+, starting Wednesday, September 27th12 members max. 

This is a closed, 10 week Psychoeducational group for women, using Dr Brene Brown’s work on Shame-Resilience. This group will be led by Carly Samudre, M.A.

Do you ever…

  • Replay mistakes or decisions over & over again in your head?
  • Feel lonely, or feel like you have to hide the “real you” to fit in?
  • Have past relationships that left you feeling worthless, or “never good enough?”
  • Often feel like a fraud?
  • Struggle with perfectionism, guilt, or shame?


Then the NEW Women’s Group for Confidence & Connection would be a great fit for you!

Group Members Will Learn How To:

  • Find love & belonging in safe relationships & friendships.
  • Learn how to set boundaries.
  • Get past self-doubt & self-blame.
  • Identify your shame-triggers.
  • Become culturally aware of shame-messages.
  • Practice empathy, self-care, & self-compassion.


The Refuge Center for Counseling

103 Forrest Crossing Blvd.

Franklin, TN 37064


Wednesdays at 6:00 – 7:30 PM

10 weeks: Sept. 27 – Dec. 6


$30 per session.

10% discount if paid in full!

*flexible payment plans available.


Contact (615) 591-5262 or

Fee: 30 | Duration: 10 Weeks | Group Type: Women's Group Counseling | Contact